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Openrice Hongkong

Openrice Hongkong
Openrice Hongkong

Task:Design and development


About Project:

Come join the search for dining memories! Established since 1999, OpenRice has strived to become the city’s most comprehensive platform for dining experience sharing. On OpenRice, users not only enjoy the most accurate and all-round restaurant searching service in town, but they can also post gourmet insights and reviews.

We believe every person has unique tastes; everyone has unique gourmet insights; and everyone can be a gourmet. Even the same dining delight can be interpreted in many different ways. Our belief has developed into an online community where food-lovers get together to exchange information and share their preferences with others. It has also made us an indicator for Hong Kong people’s dining choices.

OpenRice brings together gourmets and restaurant reviews, allowing users to freely express their views and opinions. Reviews of different perspectives create a form of collective wisdom to give widely respected restaurant scoring and rankings, and at the same time redefine dining enjoyment…